Chantrell Documentary Film

On 25th November 2019 Convex Films released a 51-minute documentary film about Tom Chantrell. Here is the link to the film:

The documentary contains interviews with family members, poster collectors and dealers and with the author and leading authority on British film posters, Sim Branaghan. Chantrell’s poster images are displayed throughout.

Director Simon Henry came to the project after unexpectedly discovering the photograph of Tom Chantrell holding up the unfinished “Star Wars” poster. “The image simply blew me away, seeing the amazing poster in its uncompleted form being held up by its creator... I couldn't get the image out of my head and the more I read about Tom's work and its significance within British film history the more I realised that someone had to put this under a spotlight. I decided to contact Tom's family. We've tried to tell Tom's story through the people who knew him best and hope we've done justice for Britain's most important poster artist, Tom Chantrell.”

We hope that the documentary helps to convey just how accomplished a commercial artist Tom Chantrell was. We also hope that the film highlights Chan’s contribution to the British film industry too. Moreover we think the documentary will help show who Tom Chantrell was and that viewers will respond positively to the personal insights offered.
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