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chantrellposter.com is backed by Shirley Chantrell & her daughters, Louise & Jacqueline, together with Sim Branaghan & Michael Bloomfield. The idea behind the websiteis to provide information about the life & work of Tom Chantrell. Chantrell Posters & select pieces of artwork from the Chantell archive will also be available to buy. It is hoped that the website will prove to be an invaluable reference tool for collectors, dealers & indeed anyone who is captivated by he quality of Tom Chantrell's work.

Shirley first met Tom Chantrell in 1962 & they were together for many years until Tom died in 2001. Shirley was crucial for this project in more ways than one. Before meeting Shirley, Tom Chantrell had little interest in archiving his work & it as only at Shirley's insistence that Tom started to take a longer term view & began to retain examples of his artwork & the finished Posters. After Tom's death, Shirley assumed the role as custodian for the Chantrell archive & has ensured its subsequent safekeeping. It is to honour her late husband that Shirley has decided to create this website & make available items to buy. It is hoped that a much wider audience will grow to appreciate the quality of Tom Chantell's Poster artwork & his role & importance in the world of British Cinema Posters.

Sim Branaghan was responsible for writing, what is regarded, as the definitive work on "British Film Poster"(published in 2006 by the BFI). Sim knew Tom Chantrell well & has already written about Tom's contribution to the Poster market in his BFI Book. Here, however, Sim has taken the opportunity to provide a fascinating in-depth profile of Tom Chantrell, drawing upon a wealth of previously unseen personal effects & documentation, made available by Shirley Chantrell. Sim has illustrated his Biography with some lovely examples of Chantrell's work.

Michael Bloomfield is one of the UK's leading Poster dealers (www.moviepostermem.com). Originally purely a collector, Michael has long been an admirer of Tom Chantrell's work & he is now privileged to administer the website in tribute to the legacy of Tom Chantell.
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