Zeppelin Chantrell Prototype Design 1971

Price: £175.00
Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1971
Genre: War
Reference: #1024

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More about this item:

An interesting item (14"x 18" overall), this being a mounted display for an early design for the Quad poster for "Zeppelin" (1971). The piece consists of a colour photo of Chantrell's prototype artwork. This has a number of painted embellishments (tracer fire etc) & the title script has been painted in too. The photo has been affixed to a silver display board.

It is likely that this was an interim design piece, possibly submitted to Warners for approval prior to commissioning. Although the Zeppelin naturally made it to the finished artwork/poster, the Quad poster (courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com), shows a number of changes.

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