When The Earth Cracked Open Hammer Flyer Photo 1972

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1972
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #1112

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More about this item:

This is a prototype mock-up for the leaflet for the unmade Hammer film, "When The Earth Cracked Open". The design, though undeniably attractive, reflected confusion of the direction the film should take, the "cavewoman" standing against a modernist background. Chantrell's cavewoman bears a striking resemblance to Ursula Andress, though without a script or finance, this was clearly just an artistic flight of fancy. For an earlier printed incarnation of the flyer, which clearly shows it more obviously in "prehistoric mode", please see below.

The prototype consists of a colour photo of Chantrell's artwork, placed onto black paper & thereafter onto white. The "THIS IS A HAMMER FILM" script is a printed cut-out which has been applied thereafter. Overall the piece measures 8"x 11 1/2" & the cavewoman/modern concept dates it c' 1972.

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