When Dinosaurs Chantrell Hammer "Artwork" 1969

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Genre: Glamour / Adventure
Reference: #671

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More about this item:

A fascinating piece of production "artwork" (15 1/2"x 22 1/2") for the 1970 Hammer film "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth". This is a print of Chantrell's original artwork upon which Chantrell has added the red dayglo lettering for the title with several small artwork embellishments elsewhere. The item has been mounted onto artboard with a paper overlay & was probably produced for one of Hammer's financing pitches rather than simply being an intermediary step in the production of the Quad poster.

When comparing the imagery here with the finished Quad poster (image courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com), one can see one major difference - clearly Hammer felt that Chantrell's graphic nudity over-stepped the mark as on the Quad, the bare bosomed cave-girls are all miraculously clad in fur bikini tops! This item was clearly also produced before cast & credits information was available (again pointing to it being used very early in the production process). The text to the right hand side was also altered for the Quad poster (a clean text overlay which fits on top of the printed text here is also sold with this item). There is some slight wrinkling but this can be easily restored. A fascinating piece which provides further insight into both the creative process in developing a Quad poster & Hammer's sophisticated approach to extracting film finance.

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