What's Up Superdoc Quad Poster 1978

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1978
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #962

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More about this item:

Here is the Chantrell proof copy of the Quad for "What's Up Superdoc", this being the 1978 sequel to 1977's "What's Up Nurse". Both films were of mediocre value, being standard British sex-comedy films of the era. This meant that apart from an array of attractive girls who were happy to shed their kit, various well-known names from the world of British conmedy took part. In "...Superdoc", the likes of Harry H Corbett, Bill Pertwee, Hughie Green, Melvyn Hayes all participated. Mary Millington also had a small cameo role in the film. Such was the state of the British film industry of the time that many established actors were happy to appear in such films as little else was available. It is easy to be snooty about such fare but it is important to remember that these films made money when many "mainstream" British films failed at the box-office. At a time when the British populace was shielded from hardcore porn, these vehicles of titillation proved very popular.

Once again, however, it is tempting to say that the best thing to have emerged from "...Superdoc" is Chantrell's poster. For the purpose of comparison, we show both images of Chantrell's layout artwork & the finished artwork (this image taken through glazed case) too.

The poster here is in excellent unfolded condition (4 tiny conservation repairs to edge nicks & very slight "foxing" to upper rim).

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