What's Up Superdoc Chantrell Artwork 1978

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1978
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #601

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More about this item:

Image donated anonymously.

The original artwork for "What's Up Superdoc", the 1978 sequel to "What's up Nurse" (1977). The artwork measures 21"x 28" & consists of painted artwork with the title & cast/credits superimposed on an acetate overlay. One of the best examples of Chantrell's work in the sexploitation genre.

Films such as this were the mainstay of British cinema in the 1970's: hardly high-art butcommercially successful. Since Chantrell possessed both a great sense of humour, an appreciative eye for the female form & an unparalleled ability to "sell" almost any film, he was a natural choice for many sexploitation features. As most sex films were handled by Independent distributors, the work was generally channelled through Alan Wheatley Associates & AWA tended to rely on either Chantrell or Sam Peffer for this kind of work.

For the purpose of comparison we show the Quad posters for both the "What's Up..." films too

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