War Film Chantrell Book Cover Artwork 1974

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1974
Genre: War
Reference: #868

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Image donated courtesy of www.fiskenposter.com

The original artwork (19"x 32") for the book jacket design for "A Pictorial History of War Movies" (1974) by Clyde Jeavons. With the exception of the images of Rock Hudson & the b/w "All Quiet on the Western Front", all the artwork is painted even though Chantrell captures an almost pghotographic quality in his portraits of John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Kenneth More etc. The blank area to the right is deliberate, this being the inside cover of the book jacket. Though this was destined to carry text, the ever enterprising Chantrell decided to continue the artwork from the cover onto the inner sleeve. A fascinating piece & we show the printed book cover too for comparison.

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