Vixen / Cherry Harry Chantrell Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1981
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #744

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Russ Meyer is probably the most notorious & collectable of all sex film movie-makers. When Christie's held their "Exploitation Poster Art" auction in Dec 2005, the first 15 lots in the auction were all for Russ Meyer films. Here we have the original artwork (18"x 24") for the 1981 double-bill release of "Vixen" (1968) & "Cherry, Harry & Raquel" (1970), the Quad poster shown below for comparison (courtesy of The artwork is painted on artboard with an acetate overlay & a further tissue cover sheet carrying instructions to the printers.

Chantrell excels himself with this piece, showing Erica Gavin on the left in an orgiastic frenzy with Uschi Digard on the right looking straight ahead with a comely smile. Chantrell uses bold contrasting colours to highlight each film, in his hands the unlikely mix of pink, yellow, red & black, actually work together. In his own way Chantrell, like Meyer, was often pushing boundaries as the glimpse of nipple on the left shows. Ever inventive, Chantrell took care over the placing of text on his posters but also chose typefaces & introduced tag-lines of his own. In this case, one can see how he turns the "C" in "Cherry" into an apple with a bite taken out, the playful reference to biblical sin epitomising his sense of humour. This is a rare piece, the combination of Chantrell & Meyer being a match made in heaven. Chantrell was paid a total of £320 for this commission (W).

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