Viking Queen Chantrell Artwork Photostat 1966

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1966
Genre: Glamour / Adventure
Reference: #800

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More about this item:

An unusual piece being an original photostat (10 3/4"x 16 1/2" approx) of a piece of prototype artwork (sadly we do not have the artwork itself). The title of the piece is "Undaunted Pride" but given the presence of a comely maiden & a phalanx of Roman soldiers in the background, we believe this would have been a design related to "The Viking Queen" (image of the Quad courtesy of In typical fashion, Chantrell has gone for an "explicit" depiction (the level of nudity never being permissable on the Quad). This suggests that the artwork was probably a pre-production piece used by Hammer studios to entice US financiers. An unusual piece of Chantrell/Hammer memorabilia
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