Vice Squad Alice Goodbody Quad Poster 1982

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1982
Genre: Thriller / Glamour
Reference: #375

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More about this item:

A little-known Chantrell double-bill Poster for this package of the Crime Thriller "Vice Squad" (1982) & the Sex-Comedy "Alice Goodbody" (1974).  The Poster illustrates a common Chantrell trait: his use of stock figures/poses etc.  As a commercial artist, Chantrell had no compunction about "borrowing" from his previous work.  The facial depiction of "Alice Goodbody" here bears a remarkable likeness to Chantrell's previous illustrations of Mary Millington, even though Ms Millington had nothing to do with this Film !  This Poster is as close to Mint as you will ever find & is a Chantrell unfolded proof copy.
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