Valley Of The Ultravixens (Russ Meyer) 1979

Type: Other
Condition: Good
Year: 1979
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #399

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More about this item:

An interesting assembly of pieces relating to the 1979 Russ Meyer film "Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens".  Chantrell worked on a number of German film Posters towards the end of his career & the pieces here provide one such example.  Given the more relaxed approach to sex & censorship on the continent at the time, Chantrell was able to enjoy himself with this Poster design, a pair of huge breasts forming the foreground of the Poster.  The large photo (9 1/2"x 12") of the well proportioned lady appears on the left hand side of the Poster.  Chantrell frequently "borrowed" images that he had used before & adapted them for re-use & this is a good example, as this illustration was first used in Chantrell's Poster for the 1976 Russ Meyer film "UP!" (shown here for illustration only).  On sale here are the 4 pieces shown: the large b/w photo, a small coloured photo showing the completed Poster & 2 b/w paper images of the same design.
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