VTX Adult Video Publication

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1983
Genre: Glamour
Reference: #1245

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More about this item:

An interesting double-sided Press Release from VTX Video detailing 6 of their adult offerings including 4 of which were originally marketed with Chantrell poster designs including:

"Pussy Talk" (1975)
"Memories - Within Miss Aggie" (1974)
"Dreams of Thirteen" (1970)
"Soft Places" (1975)

After Chantrell turned freelance in 1973 much of his work was for independent distributors many of whom dealt in adult material of this sort.

Please note that "Dreams of Thirteen" refers to thirteen fantasies & not a specific age (please see http://www.chantrellposter.com/Dreams-of-Thirteen-Chantrell-Quad-Poster-Original/1034).

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