UP! Chantrell Russ Meyer Quad Poster 1976

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1976
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #688

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More about this item:

It was a match made in heaven when the commission for Russ Meyer's boob-fest "UP!" was given to Chantrell (he was paid £325 for his roughs & the finished art). Chantrell's affinity with the female form & mischevious sense of humour resulted in a poster that surprisingly passed through without censorship! Until relatively recently, "sexploitation" material such as this was somewhat sidelined in the market. The very successful Christie's "Exploitation Poster Art" auction of Dec 2005, however, kick-started something of a revision in attitudes & Quads such as this are now very collectable (the first 15 titles in the Christie's auction were all Russ Meyyer titles including another Quad for "UP!").

Given Russ Meyer's particular fascination with all things of a mammary nature, it is highly likely that he would have preferred Chantrell's Quad to the corresponding & more anodyne US 1-Sheet poster (image shown courtesy of emovieposter.com). The Quad presented here is Chantrell's own proof copy. It is unfolded & in near mint condition. A beautiful example that can not be bettered.

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