The Vampire Lovers Chantrell Hammer Artwork 1970

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1970
Genre: Horror / Glamour
Reference: #871

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More about this item:

An original framed & glazed piece of original painted artwork (19"x 25" overall) for the 1970 Hammer film "The Vampire Lovers". The actual artwork measures 14"x 16".

Though Chantrell "monopolised" poster design & illustration for Hammer studios during the period 1965-70, from the early 70' (when Chantrell turned freelance), other poster artists were employed by Hammer. Hammer, however, pioneered an innovative approach of using artwork in their marketing pitches to try & secure film financing. Promoting films on release was obviously important but clearly without financial backing to begin with, films couldn't be made. In this sense Hammer preferred to use Chantrell for this particularly crucial role.

Since these pre-production commissions were meant for private viewings or at most printed in the form of low circulation pamplets or trade ads, Chantrell was artistically unfettered. Able to let his imagination run wild, Chantrell was able to create explicit pieces of art that simply couldn't have been printed as general release posters. Chantrell's creation for "The Vampire Lovers" is one such example. As Marcus Hearn notes in "The Hammer Vault" (2011), the publication of this imagery in the trade press, proved "Controversial" (image courtesy of The artwork here is all painted, the topless vampires bottom right being painted on card & separately added to the main piece. The 2 blemishes to the upper black background are on the glass only.

NB. Due to the size of this item a separate shipping quote will be required for both UK & overseas buyers. The artwork will be shipped once removed from the glass frame.

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