The Three Faces of Eve Quad Poster 1957

Type: Poster
Condition: EX
Year: 1957
Genre: Drama
Reference: #449

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More about this item:

A scarce Poster for this 1957 film starring Joanne Woodward as a lady suffering from a multiple-personality disorder.  Chantrell eschews his normal painted artwork approach with a photo-montage depicting the 3 different personalities that Woodward as "Eve", displays.  Woodward was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar in 1957.  As she had little expectation of winning, she attended wearing a home-made dress, which obviously received a good airing when she was announced as the Oscar winner !  This Poster is a rare Chantrell proof in unfolded condition.  It is almost unfeard of to find original Posters from the 1950's in this condition.  The Poster has one 1/2" Conservation repair to the upper edge but overall remains in superb condition.
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