The Robe Quad Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1953
Genre: Drama
Reference: #257

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More about this item:

Although The Robe was released in 1953, this Poster is for the 1964 re-release of the Film. The success of the 1963 Film "Cleopatra" starring both Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor (& their ensuing love affair) meant that Film Distributors were eager to cash-in, hence the re-release of Burton's Biblical epic from a decade earlier. Unlike the '53 Poster, Chantrell's '64 version, focuses solely on Burton, Victor Mature & Jean Simmons being relegated to the background on the later Poster. This Poster has a single vertical foldline & some old sellotape repairs to the reverse (the longest being 2").
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