The Quester Wipeout Chantrell Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1977
Genre: Thriller
Reference: #538

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More about this item:

An original piece of pre-production artwork for the Canadian production "The Quester Wipeout" c' 1970's (Image courtesy of Mallams Auctioneers). Chantrell was frequently commissioned to produce Poster artwork that was integral in the marketing process to source funding for various film projects (most notably in the case of his work for Hammer Studios). In the event, however, "The Quester Wipeout" was never made. The artwork incorporates several "stock" Chantrell images: the reclining lady (though it is likely that had this artwork gone to print she would have probably have been censored) & the block pile of banknotes (see artwork for "The Big Job" 1965). It looks as if Kirk Douglas was penciled in as the lead.

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