The Man Who Haunted Himself Photos 1970

Type: Other
Condition: Good
Year: 1970
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Reference: #1048

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More about this item:

From the Chantrell archive, eighteen b/w 8"x 10" photo stills from the 1970 Roger Moore film "The Man Who Haunted Himself". Chantrell was provided with these for reference purposes. As can be seen from the UK 1-sheet poster (image courtesy of Sim Branaghan), the still of Hildegard Neil in her bra obviously caught Chantrell's eye as it figures prominently (NB. Ms Neil is married to actor Brian Blessed). It is now believed that the equally rare Quad poster for the film (a tinted photo montage composition), is also by Chantrell.

The stills are in various conditions, all "curled", some with annotations to the reverse, a few creased & with minor tears.

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