The Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins DC Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1971
Genre: Comedy / Glamour
Reference: #440

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More about this item:

This is one in a series of Double Crown Posters (20"x 30") that Chantrell produced for this Tigon venture into the world of British Comedy (for reference, please note the Quad Poster & other DC examples).  Directed by Graham Stark on a shoe-string budget, favours were called in & the film cast reads like a roster of the great & good of the British Comedy firmament.  Here Chantrell features Julie Ege & Leslie Phillips, with Joan Sims as the hapless policewoman.  Further glamour was supplied in the film by the presence of Anouska Hempel, Sue Bond & Sexploitation star, Felicity Devonshire.  Poster is unfolded & in great condition..
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