The Lost Continent (Hammer)/Young And Eager Quad Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1968
Genre: Adventure / Nautical
Reference: #284

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More about this item:

A Poster for the re-release of the Hammer Film "The Lost Continent", twinned here with "Young & Eager". Originally released in 1968, this double-bill dates c' 1970-71. Though the artwork of "The Lost Continent" parallels that on the first release Poster, Chantrell has taken the trouble to "spice" up the Poster by transforming the muted colours of the title on the original with bright day-glo, as here. It is interesting to know that Chantrell occasionally took issue with the colour representation of his artwork on finished Posters. If the printing of "The Lost Continent" was one such example, then Chantrell had an opportunity to correct things with this re-release. This Poster is an unfolded Chantrell "proof". Apart from a few small edge nicks, the Poster is near Mint.
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