The Longest Day Chantrell Quad Poster 1962

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1962
Genre: War
Reference: #864

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More about this item:

A poster which shows Chantrell's powers of design & ingenuity. Faced with the prospect of providing a poster stocked to the rim with a plethora of internationally renowned stars, Chantrell created a poster that featured none! Not only did this device solve the problem of sorting out the relative standing of each "star" but it also allowed Chantrell to create an atmospheric panorama as viewed from the inside of a German defensive position. Given that D-Day witnessed the launching of the largest ever armarda known to man & was clearly one of the most pivotal moments in 20th century history, it was a fitting illustration to employ.

There are two versions of this poster. The example here is the initial release poster. A 2nd version was printed which saw the addition of Gert Frobe's name & the reversal of John Wayne & Stuart Whitman's names in the running order (image courtesy of What is also interesting about the example here is the presence of a written inscription to the reverse (which does not bleed through), referring to 750 "Quads on underground stations", this being a print run number.

This poster is in excellent condition. There are a few minor edge nicks only (longest 1" repaired with conservation tape).

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