The Devil Rides Out "Artwork" 1968

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1968
Genre: Horror
Reference: #942

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One of Chantrell's most important contributions to Hammer Studios, apart from his stunning series of posters 1965-70, was his artwork used in financing pitches & various pamphlets & brochures which were used to hype forthcoming Hammer productions. The item shown here is Chantrell's "artwork" for a promotional brochure for 1968's "The Devil Rides Out".

This is a photo image of artwork which has been further embellished with painted touch-ins by Chantrell. It measures 18 3/4”x 24” overall & is laid to card. It consists of 2 separate photographic prints (the dividing line running roughly beneath the horses head). Various ghoulish apparitions have been over-painted by Chantrell (see close-up) & he has additionally painted & added the card “This Is a Hammer Film” to the bottom right corner. Unlike many similar pieces of pre-production artwork Chantrell created for Hammer, this piece bears a close resemblance to the finished Quad poster (image courtesy of

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