The Claw Hammer Original Chantrell Poster Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Reference: #362

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More about this item:

A rare piece of Chantrell Hammer Artwork for an "unmade" Hammer Film (on artboard with pasted overlays measuring 17"x 21 1/2" overall).  A great example of a piece that Hammer commissioned while endeavouring to raise finance for a double-bill Production.  The other feature was the Mystery Thriller "Straight on Till Morning" but by the time The Claw went into Production in 1972 under Jimmy Sangster, it had been re-titled as "Fear In The Night".  The stars of "Fear In The Night" were Ralph Bates & Judy Geeson but because they had not been cast back in 1969 when Chantrell produced this concept artwork, neither character on the artwork looks like the leads !  The dripping blood motif is similar to that which was to appear on Chantrell's Poster for Hammer's Taste The Blood of Dracula" 1970.  It is testament to the high regard in which Hammer's, Michael Carreras held Chantrell, that he was used in such a vital marketing role.

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