The Brute Syndrome Synopses 1977

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1977
Genre: Drama
Reference: #956

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More about this item:

This large synopses brochure has a shockingly graphic cover image with the blood dripping title script displayed across Sarah Douglas's exposed breasts. The blood-dripping motif (a favoured Chantrell device) recurs throughout the brochure (11"x 14" unfolded). This piece acts as a reminder that Chantrell not only produced posters but also worked on ancillary marketing pieces like this too.

The design of the synopses, clearly focuses on the twin themes of sex & horror, though the film was actually less of an exploitation flick & more a serious attempt to investigate domestic violence against women. Sarah Douglas, the recipient of the wife-battery, later found fame in movies such as "Superman" (1978), "Conan The Destroyer" (1984) etc.

As with all items sold from this site, a letter of provenance confirming that this piece was once the personal property of Tom Chantrell, will be provided.

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