The Arrangement Chantrell Poster Artwork 1969

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Genre: Drama
Reference: #974

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More about this item:

Chantrell prototype artwork (21"x 26") for the 1969 Elia Kazan potboiler "The Arrangement". Chantrell's creative genius comes to the fore here. Clearly he was briefed to adapt the artwork for the US 1-Sheet (see below - image courtesy of Chantrell's interpretation is just brilliant, turning a rather dull photo image into a fascinating piece of artistry, the image of the lovers on the couch cleverly mirrored in the skyscaper windows. It is likely that Chantrell would have chosen the font,  arranged the tiitle script & added the tag-line to the upper too.

Although most would agree that Chantrell's adaptation of the US campaign art was far superior, it remained unused. It maybe that the imagery & tag-line proved just too provocative & Chantrell went back to the drawing-board to create again. The 2nd Chantrell design was radically different, in providing a photographic image but the cast/credits fonts & text remained the same (see the Quad poster below for comparison - image courtesy of ebay). This remains one of several examples in the Chantrell archive where an unused prototype would have almost certainly translated into a much more collectable poster had it made it to print.

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