Taste The Blood Of Dracula/Crescendo (Hammer) Quad Poster

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1970
Genre: Horror
Reference: #271

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More about this item:

This Poster is a Chantrell "proof" copy in superb unfolded condition. Again, one can see that unlike many double-bill Posters which were simply bolted together, the artist here has endeavoured to create some synergy between the two Films featured, the "dripping" blood motif extended From "Taste The Blood.." into "Cresendo". Interestingly, the 1st release Quad Poster for "Taste The Blood...", portrays Dracula & the girl in b/w whereas on the double-bill, full colour is used, the green hue of Dracula making him appear particularly gruesome. This is a scarce Hammer double-bill that is not often available on the market. It dates c' 1972-73.
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