Tales of Terror Chantrell Quad Poster

Price: £75.00
Type: Poster
Condition: Poor
Year: 1962
Genre: Horror / Scifi
Reference: #593

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More about this item:

A classic 1960's horror-scifi double-bill with "Tales of Terror" twinned with "Panic in Year Zero". Though a rare unfolded proof copy, unfortunately Chantrell has exorcised the original text to the right hand side & also the credits bottom right. Chantrell would frequently "cannibalise" his original artwork for use in later compositions (especially re-releases & double-bills) but it is unusual to find Quads in the Chantrell archive that have been ruthlessly chopped such as this (for an example of the uncut final Quad, see the image below courtesy of emovieposter.com). Nonetheless, all the essential illustration remains in place & the poster has obviously been priced in accordance with condition.
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