Syndicate Vice Video Cover Proofs 1986

Price: £40.00
Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1986
Genre: Thriller
Reference: #1247

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More about this item:

Two Video cover proofs for "Syndicate Vice" aka "Black Heat" (1976), these for the 1986 video release of the film. The cover design & illustration was by Chantrell.

As a trained draughtsman with a background in technical drawing Chantrell was keen to ensure his illustrations were accurate & realistic. This involved not only frequent use of reference materials to aid his compositions but also numerous occasions when photos were staged. In this case we have one such photo showing Chantrell (very much getting into character) struggling with one of his daughter's boyfriends (note the "One Million Years BC" Quad in the background). The way the photo was used in formulating the design of the "Syndicate Vice" cover is clear.

NB. We show the photo for reference only. The photo is NOT included in the sale.

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