Story Of David Quad Poster Artwork 1961

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1961
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Reference: #349

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More about this item:

A lovely finished piece of Chantrell artwork for the 1961 Biblical epic "The Story Of David". The art is laid to art board (16"x 22") & is a characteristically colourful & dynamic piece (with acceptable hints of sex & violence). This British film starred American Jeff Chandler (this dating from the time when many UK Films imported American stars, both to secure US funding & also to make the films commercially appealing for re-sale back to the States). Others appearing in this film were Peter Arne, Donald Pleasance & Richard O'Sullivan. This was one of Chandler's last films as he died during an operation for a slipped disc later in 1961. A fine memento both of Chantrell's brilliance & an American star whose potential was cut short.

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