Star Wars US 1-Sheet Poster Style C

Type: Poster
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1977
Genre: Scifi
Reference: #553

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More about this item:

This is the US 1-Sheet Poster bearing Chantrell's iconic artwork for the film. For the full story behind the creation of this Poster please see Sim Branaghan's "British Film Posters" (2006). Of the hundreds of pieces of Poster artwork produced over the years to promote "Star Wars", it is the Chantrell artwork that is most memorable, indeed it is this image which graces the front cover of the "Star Wars" "bible" by Sansweet & Vilmur (2006). This particular Poster has minor pin-hole damage & marking to the outer white rim but overall displays to good effect. For the purpose of comparison, we also show the Style-A Poster design by Tom Jung.
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