Star Wars Chantrell Preview Screening Ticket 1977

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1977
Genre: Scifi
Reference: #1203

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More about this item:

A UK Special Screening/Press Show Invitation (1977), for the very first "Star Wars" film, on 20th July 1977. This item belonged to poster artist Tom Chantrell. The "Star Wars" Invitation bears the earlier Hildebrandt Star Wars design. This is significant as Chantrell was commissioned to create an alternative poster for the British release of the film. Chantrell was invited (with his family) to this Special Screening to help provide inspiration. Chantrell's iconic "Style-C" poster design was the result (see below) but it is fascinating to think that this screening event proved to be the catalyst for the creation of one of the most immediately recognisable of all 20th cenury cinema poster images. A fascinatin piece of Star Wars & Chantrell memorabilia.

NB. As with everyting on this website, this item is sold with written provenance that this item comes from the Chantrell archive.

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