Sparrows Can't Sing Chantrell Artwork 1963

Price: £345.00
Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1963
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Reference: #973

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Chantrell's finished prototype artwork (20"x 26" overall) for this little-known 1963 comedy-drama. Set in the East End, a returning merchant seaman (Booth) returns from sea to find his home demolished & his wife (Windsor) shacked up with another man. The film represented Joan Littlewood's debut as director & was scripted by Stephen Lewis (later to become "Blakey" in "On The Buses"). A host of other familiar names appeared in the film including Arthur Mullard, Yootha Joyce, Harry H Corbett, Roy Kinnear etc. The film presents a realistic representation of the old East End & was celebrated with a premier at the ABC Stepney in the Mile End Road.

Made on the patch of the gangsters the Krays, it was inevitable that Ronnie & Reggie would take an interest in the film. As they were already known to Barbara Windsor, the Krays gave permission for one scene to be filmed in one of their clubs. After the premiere, drinks were hosted at one of the Krays East End pubs & then the party continued at the Krays flagship West End haunt, "Esmeralda's".

Though Chantrell was best known for his glorious painted poster illustrations, a more minimalist design was preferred for this piece of East End realism. Chantrell demonstrated his versatility by creating this simple tinted photographic image. The question mark is given greater emphasis with the "dot" being strengthened with a piece of coloured cellophane placed on the baby in the pram. As can be seen in the comparison with the printed Quad poster (courtesy of, the artwork here was Chantrell's finished rough.

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