South Pacific (part) Quad Poster 1958

Price: £30.00
Type: Poster
Condition: Good
Year: 1958
Genre: Musical
Reference: #450

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More about this item:

This is a part of a Quad poster for this classic Rodger's & Hammerstein Musical & measures 20"x 37".  This part poster comes from Chantrell's own archive & begs the question "Why"?  The reason for a cut-out being present in the collection reveals something about the way Chantrell worked.  Chantrell frequently would cut-out pieces from his old artwork to re-use, either in re-release poster designs, or sometimes for completely different poster commissions.  Though these days we appreciate Chantrell's artistic abilities & venerate the cultural importance of various film titles that he illustrated, Chantrell was reasonably unsentimental about most of his work & if he could profitably re-cycle, then the scissors came out !  It is likely that the original Quad poster here was similarly cannibalised.  For the purpose of comparison, please see the image of the full Quad (courtesy of & also the 2nd version Quad designed by Chantrell (courtesy of
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