Slave Girls 12 Hammer Artwork Photos 1966

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1968
Genre: Horror / Adventure
Reference: #560

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More about this item:

In 1966 Hammer released "Slave Girls", an unsuccessful low-budget attempt to cash in on the success of "One Million Years BC". The film went through a number of name changes, starting life as "Slave Girls of the White Rhino" & then "Prehistoric Women". Sold together here are 12 original b/w photos. One photo (8"x 10") shows Chantrell's Quad Poster artwork design for "Prehistoric Women". When the film title was changed for a third time to "Slave Girls", Chantrell's artwork was used with the title simply being switched.

What is particularly interesting, however, are the 11 other photos. Five (8"x 10") are taken from a photo shoot with a model sat astride a large drum (this simulating the girl sat on top of the rhino on the finished Poster). Instead of a whip, the model is seen brandishing alternatively a coat hanger & a rolled up magazine! (one photo has a piece missing from top corner). All 5 photos are different. In addition, there are 6 different photos (10"x 12") of a rhino. Shirley Chantrell remembers the trip to London Zoo where these photos were taken. 

What is impressive here is the care & attention to detail that Chantrell took in order to create designs that were not only imaginative but realistic & accurate too. This is particularly the case bearing in mind that "Slave Girls" was a low-budget film & that the film shoot itself was completed in just 4 weeks.

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