Six I Was Montys Double Chantrell Reference Stills 1959

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Type: Other
Condition: Good
Year: 1959
Genre: War
Reference: #1400

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More about this item:

Six b/w photo stills (8"x 10") relating to the WWII film "I Was Monty's Double" (1959).

The film was based on the true story of a body-double of General Montgomery being used to dupe the Nazis in WWII. In an original twist, ME Clifton James reprised his role as the original body-double in the film.

Chantrell had three b/w stills from the film & three others marked "By Permission of The Imperial War Museum" (these later three all annotated to the reverse by Chantrell). Clearly Chantrell was working on some form of advertising for the film. The main imagery on the scarce Quad poster for the film (image shown for reference) is not by Chantrell though the background images of John Mills & Cecil Parker are more reminiscent of his work. However, many other forms of painted artwork advertising accompanied films of this time including, different poster formats, trade ads, campaign books, synopses etc so it is possible Chantrell was responsible for something else of this sort.
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