Shalako Chantrell Quad Advance Poster 1968

Type: Poster
Condition: Good
Year: 1968
Genre: Western
Reference: #595

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More about this item:

A fantastic illustration of Bardot on this poster for this western which also boasted a leading role for ""James Bond", Sean Connery. During his retirement, Chantrell began to frequent Film Fairs in order to track down items missing from his archive & this poster represents one such acquisition (hence the obviously "used" look with tape to corners & some "bleed-through" etc).

What is distinctive & unusual about this "Shalako" poster is the absence of the normal cast & credits text (with the exception of Connery & Bardot). When compared with the standard "Shalako" Quad poster (shown coutresy of, it is clear too that Chantrell's full artwork has been utilised on this poster. It is likely therefore that the poster shown here is a poster Advance, these printed in much smaller quantities compared to the general release Quads. A fascinating poster & one that clearly interested Chantrell himself.

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