Rozsa Great Movie Themes Chantrell Artwork 1968

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1968
Genre: Adventure
Reference: #1140

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More about this item:

Original painted Chantrell artwork (19" sq) for the LP cover for "Great Movie Themes Composed by Miklos Rozsa", released by MFP in 1968 (we show the printed LP cover for reference). The artwork features several typical Chantrell characteristics. First, Chantrell presents the title of the piece as artwork integral to the overall design (rather than relying on plain text). Secondly, Chantrell invests the piece with a great sense of dynamism & action. Finally, it is a detailed composition, the commission discharged after obviously many hours of work. Chantrell took a pride in his work.

Although Chantrell was primarily a cinema poster artist, like most commercial artists of the time, he took on other work as well. Clearly as this LP release featured movie themes, MFP wanted the album cover to have the feel of a cinema poster & who better to turn to than Chantrell.

This artwork is currently framed & glazed (Chantrell liked the piece, signed it & had it hanging in his home) but it will be removed from the frame & backing board for shipment. 

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