Rocket To The Moon Quad Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1967
Genre: Comedy
Reference: #387

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More about this item:

A rare piece of original Chantrell artwork for this 1967 Comedy starring an eclectic cast including Terry Thomas, Lionel Jeffries, Burl Ives, Jimmy Clitheroe, Dennis Price, Gert Frobe, Daliah Lavi etc.  The Film was made in both Ireland & at Bray Studios.  The artwork is a different version to the known Quad Poster design (see an example of the Quad below for reference purposes).  The artwork has a similar design, colouration & use of day-glo lettering for the title & therefore suggests that it was an earlier prototype.  The depiction of Terry Thomas & Gert Frobe here is particularly successful.  The artwork measures 21 1/2"x 27 1/2" & is loosely attached to a piece of black backing board.  Some of the text (ie, "Daliah Lavi") has come loose & some of the day-glo title lettering was subsequently repaired by Chantrell himself (this was a piece he had framed & was hanging in his home).

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