Possession Chantrell Quad Cinema Poster 1981

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1981
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Reference: #637

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More about this item:

A Poster which demonstrates Chantrell's artistic versatility. The film, starring Sam Neil & isabelle Adjani, was set in Berlin & focused on the disintegration of the leads supposedly happy marriage, Adjani's character exhibiting increasingly bizarre behaviour. The mental anguish of the characters is mirrored by the idiosyncratic filming & Chantrell responds with a design which has a quasi-psychedelic feel. Elements of horror & eroticism get thrown into the mix, the poster also hinting at this sub-text. The film made a critical impact on release, David Thompson of "Sight & Sound" saying "This for me exceeds anything thrown up by The Exorcist for sheer impact on the nervous system".  lthough not a typical Chantrell piece, it seems fitting that for such an unusual film, Chantrell was able to step outside his "comfort zone" with this creation. Being a silk-screened poster indicates a smaller than usual print run (possibly several hundred only) & therefore this is a genuinely rare piece, especially in this condition. The poster has a few very minor edge nicks/creases but overall remains in fabulous condition, being an unfolded Chantrell proof copy.
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