Poor Cow Chantrell Prototype Artwork 1967

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1967
Genre: Drama
Reference: #912

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Original Chantrell prototype artwork (16”x 23”) for the 1967 film “Poor Cow”. This is a "highly finished" example of a Chantrell "rough". Directed by Ken Loach (his debut film) this was a film very much forged in the furnace of the British “kitchen sink” gritty dramas that emerged in the 1960’s. Tracking the life of a single mum (Carol White) who fraternises with criminals & is serially exploited, “Poor Cow” provides a social insight into life in working class London that was perhaps at odds with other contemporary films that celebrated the whimsy of the “Swinging 60’s”.


Interestingly, Chantrell’s design gives prominence to John Bindon who co-starred with Terence Stamp, playing a low-life thug & gangster, just as he was in real life. Bindon continued to pick up “tough guy” roles in TV & film & also spent time providing security for early 70’s tours by David Bowie & Led Zeppelin. He became an acquaintance of Princess Margaret on Mustique & lived a colourful life (winning an award for bravery & being tried for murder) until his demise from AIDS in 1990.


Chantrell’s design was not ultimately used for the Quad poster (image provided courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com), however, an alternate design was produced by Chantrell for a UK 3-Sheet poster (image courtesy of emovieposter.com). As one can see, there is a conceptual similarity between Chantrell’s artwork & the 3-Sheet & clearly, Chantrell’s painted image of Terrence Stamp was based on the same reference photo used on the 3-Sheet poster. The artwork is painted to card which has been affixed to artboard with a tracing paper overlay.


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