Playbirds Chantrell Millington Quad Poster 1978

Type: Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1978
Genre: Glamour / Comedy
Reference: #803

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More about this item:

Chantrell illustrated 4 sex-comedy posters featuring Mary Millington & all are collectable, these being "Come Play With Me" (1977), "Playbirds" (1978), "Playbirds/Violation of the Bitch" (1979) & "Come Play With Me 2/Come Play With Me" (1980). Chantrell was clearly taken by Ms Millington's charms, as you can sometimes see characters who look facially quite similar in other Chantrell illustrated sex film posters, even though she did not actually appear in the films.

This particular poster is an unfolded Chantrell proof copy in near mint condition.

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