Patton Chantrell Quad Photo Artwork 1970

Price: £65.00
Type: Other
Condition: Very G
Year: 1970
Genre: War
Reference: #760

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More about this item:

A mounted photograph (11 1/2"x 14 1/2" overall) of Chantrell's artwork for the "Patton" Quad poster. Though bearing the title script & the "No Bastard.." tag-line to the right upper, the photo shows that the artwork was still missing the cast/credits information that appears on the bottom right of the Quad (examples of the actual artwork & Quad poster shown for comparison). There is slight damage to the script area on this production photo & it is possible that Chantrell experimented with paste-overs at some point. The photo is mounted on artboard with a tracing paper overlay.
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