One Million Years BC Prototype Poster 1965

Type: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1965
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #414

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More about this item:

This is a genuinely rare poster, almost certainly being a unique item. The general release Quad poster for this film (image shown for purposes of comparison) is very collectable in it's own right, retailing at £1,500+. The iconic image of Raquel Welch posing in her fur bikini warranted front cover position on Sim Branaghan's book "British Film Posters" (2006). However, what we have here is a very early Hammer Studios commissioned pre-production Chantrell poster (Quad sized at 30"x 40").

It is well known that Hammer boss, James Carreras, used Chantrell concept artwork when marketing to raise finance for Hammer Studios films (particularly with American backers).  However, our consensus view is that this poster was not a poster advance for the film but was printed specifically for use in Hammer's pitches for funding. The image of the prehistoric maiden here is clearly NOT Raquel Welch & it is extremely unlikely that Hammer would have promoted the film to the public without the identity of their leading lady (& a major asset) having been confirmed.  As "One Million Years BC" was Hammer's most expensive production ever, at the time, it is perhaps not surprising that extra resources were committed in the pre-production marketing phase.  What is also interesting about this poster is it enables us to track the development of what finally emerged as the general release poster for the film. Clearly, Chantrell's day-glo perspective title was established at an early date. The pose of the female beauty, however, was to take final form only after Chantrell was in receipt of publicity photos featuring Raquel Welch (by which time of course financing had been secured, and the film had already been made). Of the illustrations at the foot of the poster, Chantrell was to keep (in slightly amended form) the image of the exploding volcano & the two fighting dinosaurs. 

The poster has a single vertical foldline. There are several small conservation repairs to edge nicks but these are minor only & overall the poster remains in EX condition. A fantastic piece & of historical importance for any Hammer &/or Chantrell fan.
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