One Million Years BC Flyer 1965-66

Type: Other
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1965
Genre: Horror / Glamour
Reference: #1299

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More about this item:

A rare pre-production Hammer Studios flyer (9"x 11 1/4") for "One Million Years BC" c' 1965-66, the flyer mounted onto a piece of paper by Chantrell & presumably kept for reference.

Although Chantrell's illustration contains elements from the finished Quad poster for the film (the dinosaurs, scantily clad females & graduated title script), the absence of Raquel Welch indicates this flyer was created before she was cast. It is likely that Chantrell created this flyer either for an industry magazine such as Kine Weekly or as a hand-out at industry conventions etc.

The flyer has a single horizontal fold.
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