One Million Years BC Artwork Photo 1965

Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1965
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #1160

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More about this item:

A fascinating large double-sided (11"x 15 1/2") page from a pre-production marketing brochure produced by Chantrell in 1965. One side shows the bikini clad cavewoman (before the selection of Raquel Welch). This has been stuck onto backing paper & Chantrell has added the hand-painted cut-out film title plus the "This Is A Hammer Film" sticker to the right. Chantrell frequently re-cycled his material & it is likely that this preparation was for photographing for another related commission. Interestingly to the reverse where the paper has come loose, one can see another of Chantrell's printed prototype designs.

Examples of both these images feature in the Marcus Hearn book "The Hammer Vault" (2011) as shown below.

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