One Million Years BC "Artwork" 1965

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1965
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #1098

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More about this item:

This is a fascinating piece of Chantrell/Hammer memorabilia. It is a large page (11 1/2"x 15 1/2") from a printed pre-production marketing brochure for the 1965 film "One Million Years BC". One side carries a printed full colour Chantrell concept for the film with Chantrell's signature bottom right. However, this page was cut from the brochure & Chantrell has added painted embellishments (particularly the top left portion where a card cut-out bearing the "ONE MILLION YEARS BC" script, has been added). Highlighting of both the caveman's hair & the hair & "skirt" of the carried cavewoman, plus the vegetation top right, has also been carried out.

Chantrell took a pride in his work but he was also an astute commercial artist. In the pre-photoshop era, Chantrell would frequently re-cycle his artwork & would sometimes over-paint printed images in order to perfect the imagery required. It is likely that Chantrell felt this printed image could be improved & thus the changes were made. Still this is fascinating as this represents an extremely rare piece of original "One Million Years BC" "artwork".

To the reverse of the imagery, are photos of 3 key figures behind the film: producers Anthony Hinds & Michael Carreras & the special effects maestro, Ray Harryhausen.

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