Never Say Never Again (Bond 007) Artwork

Type: Artwork
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1984
Genre: Bond
Reference: #658

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More about this item:

A really rare piece of original Chantrell painted artwork, this being finished artwork for the 1984 James Bond film "Never Say Never Again" (plus a separate & additional Bond Connery painted head). Although Chantrell is generally regarded to be at the pinnacle of British cinema poster artists, this is the only piece of James Bond artwork he ever completed. The artwork is laid to artboard with an acetate overlay, measures 14 1/2"x 20" overall & is for a German release. In the 1980's, Chantrell undertook a number of commissions producing German cinema poster designs. However, what is curious about this item is that it appears as if it was not used for the German advertising campaign, artwork supplied by Italian Renato Casaro being utilised instead. The next possibility was that the artwork here was destined for a later German video release but again it appears as if the Casaro illustration was used for this too. It is therefore likely that the artwork here is unused art for a German video cover.

Irrespectve, what we have here is a beautiful piece of original painted Bond artwork. The likeness of Connery is almost photographic in quality. The second head was probably destined to be used as a replacement as this fits perfectly over the image on the artboard (Chantrell uses a more direct face-on position & gives Connery an arched eye-brow in the replacement). Otherwise, the painting reveals Chantrell at his best, sensuous women, lots of action & beautiful colour combinations (the streak of flames from the missiles/bike against the blue background being very reminiscent of his work on the Quad for "Star Wars").

This facinating piece will be available for serious offers. For an idea of relative value, please be aware that in June 2011 Christie's sold a Vic Fair prototype for the "A View To A Kill" UK 1-Sheet "Tuxedo" poster (1985) for £12,500 & Robert McGinnis "Diamonds Are Forever" prototype artwork (1971) sold for £79,500.

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