Moon Zero Two Chantrell Art Photo 1969

Price: £75.00
Type: Other
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Genre: Scifi / Glamour
Reference: #1270

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More about this item:

A fascinating original photo (12"x 17") of concept artwork Chantrell produced for "Moon Zero two" (1969), here with the pre-production title "Disaster In Space".

Hammer were keen to exploit the scifi genre with the "Space Race" looming large in the public's imagination but ultimately the film was a flop. However, Chantrell created two wonderfully wacky & quite distinct posters for the film (see below). This earlier concept design, however, centres the subject in deep space with a bunch of alien zombies in the foreground & some explicit nudity thrown in for good measure..... the eclectic mix perhaps hinting at the film's lack of eventual commercial success.

A fascinating piece of Chantrell/Hammer memorabilia nonetheless.

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