Mistress of the Seas Chantrell Hammer Artwork 1974

Type: Artwork
Condition: Ex
Year: 1974
Genre: Adventure / Glamour
Reference: #721

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Image donated courtesy of www.moviepostermem.com

A large mounted "photo" of Chantrell's artwork design (18"x 24") for an unmade Hammer film "Mistress of the Seas" (1973-74) depicting Raquel Welch in the lead role of this mooted pirate adventure. The "photo" has been extensively re-touched with painted additions & signed by Chantrell. Chantrell also designed all the script which he overlaid in a series of cut-outs pasted on top of the imagery. This piece is thus best described as a hybrid photo/artwork. According to Marcus Hearn's book "The Hammer Vault" (2011), this exact piece of artwork was eventually printed in the form of a promotional brochure (the image shown in the book shows this to have been finally colour tinted). The artwork is mounted onto artboard with both a tracing paper overlay & a paper cover.


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